I don't know what to write, so here are a few highlights about myself...


I was born in Bristol, VA.

Growing up I loved maps, books, fashion magazines, and National Geographic movies about marine life.

I have been drawing since age two. I think my mother kept alot of my "baby art."

When I was six I read the book "One Hundred Dresses" and drew my own hundred dresses.

I also drew my own paper dolls. (Fun fact: Yves St Laurent did the same.)

I can play piano, but I use that term loosely.

I took ballet lessons from age 3 to age 17.

I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Fine Art.

My degree is in Communication Arts and Design.

I also have two minors in Global Ethics and Religious Studies.

I used to be able to speak pretty decent Spanish and French, but now...it's questionable.

I have lived in multiple cities, all over the country. Bristol, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Nashville, NYC, Salt Lake City, Seattle.

I've made the USA East to West coast cross-country drive more times than I'd like to admit.

I love exploring and new adventures. I have ten states to visit and I will have been to all 50 states in the US.

I have a little critterface doggo named Pity Pat.She's my old roadie girl

I am a Scorpio and find Astrology fascinating.

I am not a big TV or movie fan, but love Wes Anderson movies, Beetlejuice, and Space Balls.

I am a big supporter of mental health awareness and fighting the stigma attached to it.

I am a proud Democrat for the first time in my life, and although I normally stay mum on my opinions, have some pretty strong thoughts on the hate factory that I currently find America a part of. It's bizarre and gives me anxiety.

I don't use Facebook anymore for the reason above.

I am a feminist and fully believe women make the world go around.

I am very intuitive and empathic.

I take my work seriously, but not myself.

I have a "potty mouth."

I have three favorite quotes:

"Nature thrives or fails on lack of diversity. As does beauty itself."

"Own that road map on your face; you're worked hard for those lines. Plus, the girls with the scars are the ones whose stories are worth staying up late to listen to."

"Pleasure fades; happiness lasts."

Life has been like an old wooden roller coaster ready to fall apart at any minute, but ends up outlasting all the new shiny ones. It's taught me how to be comfortable in my own shoes. It's taught me perfection doesn't exist and trying to achieve it is effing exhausting. It's taught me to dream big and never give up on those dreams. It's taught me to embrace the weird; it's what makes me unique.



If you're reading this and are over 18, VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. Not the way your parents vote. Figure out your own beliefs. My brother and I don't agree with a lot of what our parents believe, and convos get heated, but hey, it means our parents did something right. They raised us to think on our own. VOTE.

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