PRE-SALE 2021 Delfest Academy Posters


*Please read the following!


These are the large 18x24  individual instrument posters I sell separately from the smaller group poster. I am taking orders for these until end of May and then will ship them out in June/July accordingly so you will have them for the festival in September (if you want to get them signed.)


Note: These will ship in June/July.  If ordered with posters from another year, I can either ship together in July or ship separately. Just let me know!


***The 11x17 group poster will be available for $5 at the actual festival academy per usual!


Thanks you guys so much for your continued support and business! Have a great festy season! -W


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2021 Delfest Academy- PRE SALE

  • Any 18 x 24" poster will be processed by Whitney Waddell Designs then sent to an off-site printer for actual printing. I do not keep backstock of these to keep large format print costs down. Colors may vary slightly from what you see on screen.